I got my first dog at 14, after years of begging my dad. I wouldn’t know till years later, the pup I found was a border collie aussie mix. He was a smart boy, and we named him Duke. I spend a lot of time with Duke and taught him everything I could think of, even taught him to ride on my dirt bike with me. That was the start of my true love for dogs and the understanding of how smart they are.
Needless to say over the past 40 years, training has evolved alot. New and improved training methods have imerged, which has been the best thing that could of happened for dogs. People are finally seeing proof, that old alfa ways were wrong and outdated. And following proven methods like Operant and classical conditioning, create a much stronger and trusting relationship between man and his best friend.
I have over 12,000 hours of training classes, seminars, behavioral seminars, not to mention 23 years of competing. Our competition experience goes from agility, to Frisbee, freestyle, dog dance, tracking, tricks, and more. Dog training is a continuing education process, since new studies and methods are constantly being discovered and developed. So to stay current, I continue to take classes and read new books on improving on training. I am a positive trainer, we follow a lot of the methods of R+ positive training methods, but some of their methods I don’t use, especially when it comes to punishment.
I have been rescuing dogs since 2004, so I have alot of experience with behavioral issues as well.
Some of our services:
AKC, CGC, Trick Titles, Canine Conditioning, Home Manners certificates
DMWYD; Trick Titles, Conditioning Titles, Actors Certificate, Stunt Dogs and Speciality Titles.
Certified Instructor for Dogs Can Dance
UKC; Spot Certificates
We teach Agility, Frisbee, Freestyle, Dog Dance, manners, puppy classes, tricks and we work with behavioral issues. We do house calls on occasion.
We Host Up Dog Challenge Events and soon, CPE Speedway events